Email Listing Updates

Tired of hearing “that home is already under contract”? Are you looking for fresh, up-to-date listings in the Tampa Bay area? Don’t be at a competitive disadvantage because you are looking at old data.

Consider the Source

Websites such as, Google, Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow and others receive data feeds of new Realtor listings only once or twice each week. When a new home enters the Tampa real estate market, when a price change is made, or when any other modification is entered into the database of all Realtor listings (the Tampa Multiple Listing Service, a.k.a. MLS).

Zero Delay

There is a time lag before new listings or price changes appear on other websites. If you are looking for instant access to the latest data, then the Email Listing Updates from the MLS is the only source for the latest listings, foreclosures, prices and data that you need.

Zero Decoys

Are the homes you see on other websites really for sale? Are you looking at homes that sold over a year ago? Sites like Zillow and individual agent websites are notorious for using out-of-date listings to solicit buyer inquiries. Rest assured, all email listing updates will the accurate and up-to-date.

FREE Email Updates of Listings or Sales

Receiving real estate new listings and price changes could not be any easier. Annette, Doug and Dale Bohannon will enter your preferences and emails will be automatically sent anytime a new home that matches your requirements hits the market or has a change in price.